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Sasa Blagojevic

Go for PHP or Any Other Developer

Long time no read! I’ve been quite busy building awesome stuff for our clients so I haven’t had the time to write in quite a while. I still don’t have it to be frank, but this is gonna be a somewhat short read so I managed to squeeze it into my schedule.TLDRIf you’re not interested in the story behind this list just skip to the end. I highly recommend covering these resources if you’re considering learning GO.


Gojko Galonja

Planting a New Seed – Wonderland AI Summit 2019

We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day but the majority of us aren't aware of it. AI is already part of our daily lives therefore it is extremely important for us to understand the status of Artificial Intelligence, how we can create and contribute to a future world


Gojko Galonja

mDevCamp Conference 2019 Review

My five cents and review of mDevCamp 2019. conference. Long story short, it was great!


Srdjan Sukara

Your Guide to Dublin Tech Summit

There are always a few of us in the IT world searching for a good tech conference or summit, because many of the well-known ones turned into these crowded commercial things where you end up running from stage to stage with a horrible gut feeling of missing out.And look, everybody has their own definition of good, but essentially we're looking for inspirational/insightful stories and talks that are going to leave a longer impact on us, obviously good networking and cool tech showcases. This sounds really simple, but believe me, I've attended a lot of them in the past two years and it's hard to find a match. The usual story is that a conference has good talks, but not so good networking opportunities, or it's getting too big to properly take advantage of everything that it has to offer. Is Dublin Tech Summit the same or it has that special spark, let's find out...