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Planting a New Seed – Wonderland AI Summit 2019

Gojko Galonja

Author at JSGuru

We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day but the majority of us aren’t aware of it. AI is already part of our daily lives therefore it is extremely important for us to understand the status of Artificial Intelligence, how we can create and contribute to a future world.

Our vision is to share the spirit of innovation as dandelion is sharing its seeds on a wind”, These words stand for and represent Wonderland AI Summit.

This year was the first year of theWonderland AI Summit in this edition in Belgrade.

It was a very vibrant and definitely most innovative summit of this type in our area. The venue,Madlenianum Opera & Theatre Hallshone bright in its full glory, which just added up to the whole feel of the event.

Madlenianum Opera & Theatre Hall

Summit had three tracks, from which one was intended for workshops. 

Christoph Welsbach Auer, IBM Venture Capital Partner shared his experience from perspective of one of the biggest investors in the field of AI, Julian Merten talked about how AI is making an impact on Mercedes Daimler and automotive industry in general, trio from eBay — Stanislav Kindiakov, Richard Knox and Ricardo Kawase gave us a sneak peak on how eBay is applying AI on their e-commerce products. These presenters are just to count a few, since over 20 speakers from companies like Google, Facebook, SAP, nVidia and many more, were sharing knowledge and insight of their work and what has been happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

“Our vision is that Wonderland AI Summit becomes one of the world’s leading events dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and we believe that we have the potential. For the first Wonderland AI Summit event, we are bringing experts from worldwide tech and industry giants, who are willing to help develop an AI ecosystem” -Jovan Stojanović, founder of the summit.

JSGuru stand at Wonderland

JSGuru spotted that this summit has great potential, so we sponsored Wonderland AI Summit 2019. 

JSGuru’s new chapter — AI

Times change, technology progresses fast, each day something new emerges and we at JSGuru like to keep up the pace with the vortex of changes.

So it is time for us to take a new step, start a new chapter — create and start our Data Science team!

“Just as electricity revolutionized lives 100 years ago, AI is changing our lives completely today. AI is the new electricity” — Andrew Ng

Sharing vision with Wonderland, our belief is that there is a huge potential in our area and by opening this department we are making the opportunity for talented people to join us and work in a field of Data Science. Also to spark interest and curiosity, inspire the students by making our doors open for internships and possibility of becoming our next AIGuru. 🙂

We are proud of what we can achieve when we all unite and work together. Always rewarding and inspiring to see how far we can go.

As a part of the organization, it’s been an honor to work with you.

Well done Wonderland team!

Wonderland Summit AI team & volunteers