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Vladimir Sukara

How to keep your business secure in a crisis?

It is strange when an individual and the management are surprised when a crisis arises. Why? On planet Earth, for 6000 years already, winter has come regularly after summer, without exception. It is there, sometimes milder and sometimes more severe, but there was never a period when there was no winter. This metaphor is similar to a crisis because ever since there are humans on planet Earth, crises have come and gone. The only difference between winter and crisis is that we know when winter is coming according to the calendar, crises do not have their exact determinant.


Gojko Galonja

Will Data Science grow in our region?

As the industry moves and develops at such a pace, certain areas such as AI are becoming more prominent. Since JSGuru likes to keep up with the latest developments, we have started a Data Science department.


Srdjan Sukara

Successful remote work – No problem

In the midst of all articles regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and remote work, I'm going to try not to write the same things all over again but instead go over my mindset in this situation, list resources and tips that I've been using so far that helped me to be more productive and share some suggestions from a group perspective that JSGuru as a company has learned over the years working remotely


Marko Lisica

We are BEEing different

The identity of a brand reflects its internal and external processes aiming to display them in the light of what the brand is and how it wants to be presented to those who are just getting to know it.