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Aleksandar Stjepanović

Baking BankID & Fortnox into HomeCraft – and what we learned in the process

Implementing software that’s typical for a certain geo-location (and built for non-English users) into a platform you are building is no easy task. This can be a problem if you are trying to integrate quickly and meet tight deadlines. JSGuru faced such issues not long ago when building an MVP for a Swedish startup HomeCraft. […]


Tamara Cvijanović

ISO 27001 – What does it mean for our company and clients

Recently we became ISO certified company thanks to the successful implementation of ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System. This certificate has been awarded to us by TÜV Austria in February this year.  We spoke with Marko Arsenović, our Chief Operating Officer, about what this advancement means to our company, and, more importantly – to […]


Tamara Cvijanović

Why AWS might be your best startup strategy

Imagine the following scenario: You’re about to start or you already have enrolled your own business. You don't earn much or at all, but you need to invest a lot. You want to dedicate most of your time and energy to developing your project, but technical issues slowly begin to drag off more and more of your capacities.


Branko Petrovic

5 simple benefits of using AWS for your business

Cloud technology is one of the biggest steps forward since the beginning of the internet. Although it is a young technology, it became one of the most valuable tech fields today, mainly because of its wide usage adoption in business and consumer sectors.