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Team wellbeing as our main priority

We are hard workers curious by nature and problem solvers able to understand both the technical and business challenges when creating digital products and experiences.

As strong believers in the power of employee engagement, we have created an inclusive workplace that welcomes everyone. We at JSGuru know and understand that employee wellbeing must come first.

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JSGuru Awards


1. We grow together

A semi-annual and annual career review
Learning and development budget

2. Work-life balance & health

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  • Flexible working hours
  • Task oriented projects
  • No micromanagement
  • Relaxation and gaming corners
  • Subsidized recreation with our
    partner gym network
  • Q Station and Kliker discounts
  • Home-cooked meals

3. Methodologies, tools and tech

Organisational methodologies

Working with startups means we need to deliver results very fast and often. Getting feedback from the users early in the process means you can shape your MVP the right way and adjust.

Optimal team composition is our priority on every project we do. This means that Project Managers and Quality Assurance Engineers are an essential part of the process. We stay agile and use appropriate methodologies at all times, Scrumban being our preferred choice as it has proved to have the highest project success rate thus far.

Tech methodologies

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
Git flow
Monolith vs Microservices architecture

We opt for continuous integration and delivery because it is work and time efficient, and yields the best results for clients. It provides for an optimal balance of allowing everybody to work on their fragments individually while, at the same time, being a part of a larger whole.

Engineers are free to work on their branches until they are ready to be merged with the targeted environment. Once a branch is merged, the automation process takes over and all the scripts and commands are executed for the next stage of deployment (QA, UAT, demo, production, etc.). Clients can check the novelties, give comments for the next round, and the cycle begins again.

With continuous integration, keeping up the pace is the key. This is where the automation process plays a major role not only because it saves time, but also because it prevents human error certain to happen when branches are integrated manually.

The right git flow has been the subject of so many debates. Where we stand in this argument is that there are no right or wrong answers and every project demands a tailor-made approach.

Finding the right git flow is subject to the size of the project and how fast the product needs to be delivered. At the same time, every git process has two things in common – development branch/environment and master/main branch.

Development branch/environment is where all new features are added. Engineers work independently and once a branch is well tested and ready, it is pushed to development and automatically deployed.

Master/Main branch is the final stage of a software development life cycle. After being tested in development, new features are usually promoted to UAT or production which means our code is pushed to the master/main branch.

As an architectural framework, microservices are distributed and loosely coupled, so one team’s changes won’t break the entire app. However, microservices are requiring not just dedicated planning, they need a specific mindset.

Delivering an MVP fast means building it in about 2-3 months. Therefore, the Monolith architecture is an obvious choice as it shortens the development.

At JSGuru, we prefer to take a hybrid approach. We start from a monolith application, but we separate different services from the common ones we already know will require scaling (i.e., payment processing, messaging, notifications). This approach still gives us rapid development while keeping the benefits of the microservice architecture.

In the post-MVP phase, we return to the drawing board, decide on further improvements and whether some services are mature enough to be moved to the microservices.


  • Task management (Attlasian Jira & Trello)
  • Communication ( Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • File management (GSuite)
  • Source control management – Git
  • API collaboration tools – Postman & Swagger
  • Integrated Development Environment (PHPStorm, WebStorm, Visual Studio)
  • Amazon Web Services


  • Frontend
    • React JS
    • Angular
    • Flutter
    • React Native
  • Backend
    • Node JS
    • PHP
    • NestJS
    • Python
  • UX/UI design
    • Figma
    • Sketch
    • Adobe XD
    • Photoshop


Remote work
Banja Luka
Novi Sad

Open positions

  • Mid-level / Senior Angular developer

    Location: Banja Luka / Novi Sad / Remote

    Type: Full-time

    If you are a doer with an analytical approach towards problem-solving and you have a knack for making interesting and challenging problems disappear, you are always welcome in our ranks. Hit us up!

    • Angular
    • TypeScript
    • SCRUM
    • Git
    Apply here
  • Mid-level / Senior full-stack developer

    Location: Banja Luka / Novi Sad / Remote

    Type: Full-time

    If you are a doer with an analytical approach towards problem-solving and you have a knack for making interesting and challenging problems disappear, you are always welcome in our ranks. Hit us up!

    • Angular
    • React
    • PostgreSQL
    • Node.js
    • e2e tests
    Apply here
  • Mid-level / Senior React developer

    Location: Banja Luka / Novi Sad / Remote

    Type: Full-time

    If you are a doer with an analytical approach towards problem-solving and you have a knack for making interesting and challenging problems disappear, you are always welcome in our ranks. Hit us up!

    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Git
    • SCRUM
    Apply here

Employee testimonials

”As someone who came from a corporate environment, working at JSGuru has broadened my view of how a flexible environment can contribute to satisfaction and productivity. A line of fun, then two (read three) lines of work proved to be a great recipe. I could describe the atmosphere in three words: productivity, progress and learning!”

Milos Nikolic

Head of Engineering

”JSGuru gave me the opportunity to start as an intern. With a great team, technology and conditions I progressed quickly. I enjoy the great atmosphere in the company and I’m beating my colleagues in table tennis!”

Drago Vrban

Head of Mobile Development

”Starting my career in JSGuru after college studies meant getting the opportunity to learn a lot. Knowing zero to nothing, now knowing a thing or two. Day in, day out, JSGuru culture is overwhelming and people are full of support to go boundary-less in my professional path.”

Stefan Ivankovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

“JSGuru is a safe haven for those who want to create, achieve and become part of a team that cares for one another. A stable and nurturing environment, suitable for beginners and experts. We are surrounded by people willing to, selflessly, offer a helping hand at any time. Coupled with exciting and challenging projects, it makes perfect ground for personal and professional growth. My time spent here was, and still is, a true pleasure in every regard.”

Marko Arsenovic

Chief Operating Officer

“I’m part of JSGuru since 2018, each day is filled with interesting challenges, this helped me progress both professionally and privately. Here, all your work, desire to learn and progress will be highly appreciated. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand or share advice, making us grow and improve together. It is a pleasure to work in such a healthy environment!”

Sandra Stupar

Cloud Age Team Lead

“Working at JSGuru makes my day fun and dynamic. Having great people around, and feeling positive energy helps with my everyday challenges.”

Branislav Bijelovic

Senior Software Engineer

“After being here for only a few months, I realized that I have come to the right place. Working and having fun at the same time is how things should be. Fantastic opportunity to learn and progress, and good colleagues that make everything easier.”

Sara Panic

Junior Software Engineer