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Gojko Galonja

The best digital products to develop in 2021

As the market logic implies, we schedule the end of the year to ponder some digital products likely to flourish in the following year. Strike while the iron is hot and go down the list to find out about recent and upcoming trends - whether you yourself are an entrepreneur or an IT enthusiast willing to know what are the forthcoming big things to dive in.


Gojko Galonja

AI, Data, Privacy and Covid-19

If you consume coffee, on average, how many cups a day do you drink? Also, did you know that around 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day? This is based on slightly older research, so the number is probably higher today.


Gojko Galonja

Will Data Science grow in our region?

As the industry moves and develops at such a pace, certain areas such as AI are becoming more prominent. Since JSGuru likes to keep up with the latest developments, we have started a Data Science department.


Gojko Galonja

Planting a New Seed – Wonderland AI Summit 2019

We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day but the majority of us aren't aware of it. AI is already part of our daily lives therefore it is extremely important for us to understand the status of Artificial Intelligence, how we can create and contribute to a future world