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Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian is a mobile device management platform designed specifically for education. They have a strong presence in the UK and South African market, and with our help, they successfully expanded to the US market.

Because of the complexity of the project we had to utilize a wide range of technologies. For the dashboard we used Angular, API is done with PHP, iOS and Android apps are done natively, and we even built the ChromeOS extension.

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Eusi is a new type of CMS that emerged recently. What separates headless content management systems from conventional ones is the separation of content creation from content delivery. With Eusi, you have one dashboard to create, manage and publish content across multiple platforms which makes it a perfect digital omnichannel tool.

By using APIs to streamline content delivery across platforms you save time and engineering expenses. We built the backend in NodeJS and frontend in ReactJS, and let's not forget Eusi is the first headless CMS that supports blockchain storage.

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Another one of our clients in the telcomm industry with SaaS Lifecycle Management Platform that reduces both network expenses and internal management costs.

The frontend is in Angular and the backend is in NodeJS. The project development follows SCRUM methodology and the tool of choice is JIRA.

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Cognism is a GDPR compliant way to reach over 400M business professionals. Create personas, build campaigns, sequence email lists, link your CRM, and more.

We helped them build their dashboard in Angular and implement features mentioned above on AWS infrastructure.

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InfoLink is one of the industry's most respected leaders in telecommunications account management. Since 1997, they've been improving telecommunication operations across the US and saving their clients both time and money.

This project is an Angular app coupled with NodeJS API and served by AWS Lambda.

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Adopt App

An iOS app that acts as a database of families willing to adopt a child. It provides the institutions with useful information regarding the families and, as the end result, the kids get a better matching family.

Our designers worked on the UI/UX and the app itself is done natively for iOS in Swift. For this project we also had a dedicated Q&A person.

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Corporate Survey App

We feel bad that we can’t share more info about this corporate survey app because our client increased its employee happiness by 28% according to their data. Employees are able to rate their managers, general working atmosphere, and suggest improvements.

We did the UI/UX design and built a cross platform app with React Native. JIRA was the project management tool of choice for this one.

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iWaaant App

We’ve all been in a situation where we don’t know what gift to buy for our friends and family. This app is going to help all of us, it's bringing wishlists to the next level.

From UI/UX design to implementation in React Native it’s all us baby!
Coming soon to App and Play store.

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Client Testimonials

  • Peter Pohar

    Peter Pohar

    Group Lead

    “JSGuru have been incredibly helpful with their knowledge, experience and flexibility when it comes to web and mobile development. They helped us fulfill a concern we had and we couldn’t be happier with them. They are a partner we trust and can fully rely on.”

  • Finance Plus Ltd


    "JSGuru team is efficient and great at what they do, so far all the deadlines were met. Also, I like their flexibility and ability to perform at a high level constantly."

  • Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

    CEO, Cloud Age Solutions

    "JSGuru performs consistently with high priority on customer service, as evidenced by flexibility and timeliness. Strategic use of management tools including JIRA and Kanban enhance long-term productivity. The team provides high value fro const compared to other global markets."

  • Patrick Lawson

    Patrick Lawson

    CEO, Mobile Guardian

    "JSGuru has been efficient and proactive. One of the group's key differentiators is how self-managing they are. They can take ownership not only of the code, but also of the time frame."

  • Vladimir Simić

    Vladimir Simić

    Founder, iWaaant

    "JSGuru's level of interest, professionalism, and their ability to face challenges is just extraordinary. I'm pleased that we picked them for the project."

  • Ivan Konjevod

    Executive Consultant, T-Systems International GmbH

    The communication is excellent. JSGuru supports us in every way and they don't ask unnecessary question. When something is needed, they complete it with deadlines in mind. We're really happy about that.

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