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Dragan Knezevic

Essential Design Tips for Front End Developers

Design and UX basics every front end developer or design novice should know. Colors, contrast, typography we've got it all covered!


Srdjan Sukara

How Much Does an App Cost to Develop?

Pricing is a tricky thing in the app development market. You can get 3 drastically different quotes from 3 different agencies for the same project. The key to pricing is knowing what it costs in time and resources and marking it up to ensure a profit. Keep reading to find out what actually goes into the total cost for developing your brilliant app idea.


Sasa Blagojevic

Leaving the Old Ways – jQuery vs React

Contrary to popular belief, React’s biggest use cases are not SPAs, it’s the hybrid apps that are most common, and the best fit in my opinion, in this post I will cover how and why I went from a React hater to a React fanboy, and why React is a perfect replacement for jQuery


Jelena Kalaba

Do’s and Don’ts for Javascript Newbies

Since the day Brendan Eich created it, JS has had many makeovers, changes, additions, and frameworks added to its body. After a lifetime of turbulence, JS has been shaped into how we see it now in 2018, and yet there is much more growth awaiting in its future.In this post, we will give you some tips on what to do, and what not to do, for both JS newbies and for those who have had some previous experience in this language.