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Djurdjica Milic

Increase Your Brand Value By Producing Powerful Content

Being unique and innovative in creating and managing content feels like finding the right piece of a very complicated puzzle. Content creation is the process that requires dedication, good strategy, and organization whether you are a marketing team leader or a writer yourself. Maintaining a unique voice for your brand or yourself as a writer, embracing the latest content standards is a challenging thing to do. And having a constant inspiration for all this… The struggle is real.


Bojan Gvozderac

Why Your Business Needs a Progressive Web App

You ever look at a web site and think: “Everything is either a potato or not a potato…” and more ( or less? ) importantly: ”This web site would be great as an app!”? If you did, you’re not alone, buddy boy!


Sasa Blagojevic

Let’s talk about our clients – Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian is one of our more prominent clients featured by The New York Times, Tech Crunch, Time, The Wall Street Journal and alike. It is a powerful Mobile Device Management SaaS, but don’t get confused with the word mobile in its title.


Srdjan Sukara

JSGuru Begins Partnership with Clutch

Since 2006, we’ve maintained dedication to our client’s success, not just viewing ourselves as great developers, but great partners able to help move your business forward. Our success is achieved by our clients’ success and we want to look back on what got us here. For this reason, we have joined Clutch, to reflect on how our clients always come first and to give an intimate look into our operations.