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Posts by Bojan Gvozderac


Bojan Gvozderac

Javascript Pipeline Operator

I’m back at it again with my functional programming shenanigans and this time I’m going to talk about PIPES! Yes, PIPES! We use them in the most important piece of hardware in any building — the mighty toilet and now also in our software development! Truly a testament to the versatility of the proud PIPE!


Bojan Gvozderac

Why Your Business Needs a Progressive Web App

You ever look at a web site and think: “Everything is either a potato or not a potato…” and more ( or less? ) importantly: ”This web site would be great as an app!”? If you did, you’re not alone, buddy boy!


Bojan Gvozderac

React Image Lazy Load Component Revisited

A long a$$ time ago I created a simple React component that would lazily load an image and while it’s busy loading an image it would show a placeholder and wrote a tutorial how I did it. It is inspired by Polymer’s iron-image and a neat little trick how to transition from placeholder to loaded image.