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Tamara Cvijanović

Why AWS might be your best startup strategy

Imagine the following scenario: You’re about to start or you already have enrolled your own business. You don't earn much or at all, but you need to invest a lot. You want to dedicate most of your time and energy to developing your project, but technical issues slowly begin to drag off more and more of your capacities.


Branko Petrovic

5 simple benefits of using AWS for your business

Cloud technology is one of the biggest steps forward since the beginning of the internet. Although it is a young technology, it became one of the most valuable tech fields today, mainly because of its wide usage adoption in business and consumer sectors.


Gojko Galonja

AI, Data, Privacy and Covid-19

If you consume coffee, on average, how many cups a day do you drink? Also, did you know that around 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day? This is based on slightly older research, so the number is probably higher today.


Vladimir Sukara

How to keep your business secure in a crisis?

It is strange when an individual and the management are surprised when a crisis arises. Why? On planet Earth, for 6000 years already, winter has come regularly after summer, without exception. It is there, sometimes milder and sometimes more severe, but there was never a period when there was no winter. This metaphor is similar to a crisis because ever since there are humans on planet Earth, crises have come and gone. The only difference between winter and crisis is that we know when winter is coming according to the calendar, crises do not have their exact determinant.