Will Data Science grow in our region?

As the industry moves and develops at such a pace, certain areas such as AI are becoming more prominent. Since JSGuru likes to keep up with the latest developments, we have started a Data Science department.

My interest in Data Science began when I was in my third year of studies when I was attending classes within the Expert Systems subject, and the term Machine Learning was mentioned. I researched more about this area immediately afterward. Everything fell into place and I knew this was something I wanted to pursue.

Artificial intelligence is a broad field that branches in many directions, and my greatest passion is Deep Learning and developing solutions for Edge devices.

The application of this field is enormous, and my biggest motivation is to work on projects that include the facilitation of everyday life and solving problems faced by people with disabilities. The main reason is the fact that I personally went through a difficult period and had a lot of health issues.

Empathy is a human trait that artificial intelligence has difficulty applying. However, it is people who need to leverage powerful technology and develop models and solutions that are just a projection of this great trait. In addition to this, ecology is another area for which I am very motivated to work.

Generally speaking, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the IT industry is slowly starting to grow, but unfortunately, this is not true for the field of Data Science.

As the co-founder of Banja Luka AI, which is part of the sizable worldwide organization City AI, my goal is to develop the AI community here, expand awareness and produce a spark of imagination in young people, students and anyone interested in the field. I think that the potential in our region is enormous and together with Belgrade AI and Novi Sad AI organizations, we are working on creating an AI ecosystem in the Balkans. The USA and China are doing massive things in this field, so our goal is to eventually position the Balkans, first, in the European and then the global level through a lot of hard work and effort. Some of our other neighboring cities such as Zagreb, Sarajevo, and Skopje will soon join us in achieving this goal.

Recently, I have also become an ambassador for deeplearning.ai, an organization founded by Andrew Ng. This is just one more item that will help us achieve the above goals.

My advice to anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence is to commit to learning and further development, as this discipline will increasingly expand. Various companies are already slowly starting Data Science departments, forming teams and opening their doors to talented people.

The year 2020 will be exciting for JSGuru as we are working on a multitude of things and are notably developing the Data Science team.

We are currently working on the creation of artificial intelligence courses, the opening of internships, JSGuru is also highly supportive of the work of the Banja Luka AI community organization, sponsoring the Wonderland AI Summit event held in early last November in Belgrade, and support of the next Wonderland event will surely be there.

These are just some of the many things JSGuru has in store for the year, which will be really interesting.