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Creating and building a HR app & reward system for NIS and its 11,000 employees from scratch

Naftna industrija Srbije (NIS Group) is one of the largest vertically integrated energy systems in Southeast Europe. They are involved in exploration, production, refining, sales and distribution of oil, petroleum products and natural gas.
Interesting facts:
  • NIS HR department had no rewards app prior to our solution
  • We utilized Design Thinking methodology during the discovery phase
  • UX/UI of the app was fully compliant with NIS’s design standards
  • The app is currently being used by over 11,000 people
  • Infobip was used for SMS messaging
  • The solution was fully compliant with OWASP Top Ten security standard
Web, iOS and Android
Energy sector
Technology used:
Go, React, Flutter, OWASP Top Ten
Project length:
6+ months
The crucial role of discovery phase and communication in project delivery

NIS faced a significant challenge in creating a unified rewards solution that would motivate and reward all of their 11,000 employees. The solution needed to be seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure while meeting the highest security standards, including OWASP Top Ten.

JSGuru’s role

Our team put in a lot of effort to strike the perfect balance between agile methodologies and corporate workflow. Since NIS deemed it crucial that every project stakeholder was present in day-to-day meetings, there was a risk of losing momentum with new product suggestions and changes.

Hence, it was crucial for our team to ensure an impeccable product discovery phase and create an intuitive UI that would align with NIS’s brand image and guidelines before moving on to the next phase.

During the design phase, we collaborated closely with potential users and discovered that they wanted an instant system for exchanging reward points for prizes, without having to wait for confirmation or approval.

Before the project start, NIS didn’t have a system that allowed instant rewards redemption. We helped them figure out how to implement a system for both material and non-material rewards, ensuring that everything functioned flawlessly from a technical perspective.

Our dedicated team successfully created mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, alongside a web app. Overcoming the challenge of implementing stringent security standards and meeting the requirements of multiple NIS departments, we delivered a solution that exceeded expectations.

The outcome of our collaboration proved to be a game-changer for NIS, igniting a remarkable transformation within their workforce. By boosting motivation and productivity, our solution has empowered NIS to achieve new levels of success.

Services provided:
  • Product discovery & research
  • Creating the project roadmap
  • Building the proof of concept (PoC)
  • Developing the complete UI/UX for the project
  • Developing the app for iOS and Android and a web app
  • Project ownership and quality assurance services
  • Iterations, and product monitoring
  • Ideation
  • Design & UX/UI
  • Development
  • Systems integration
  • Support & management