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Mobile Guardian

complete K-12 solution for schools
  • Development
  • Systems integration
  • Support & management

Mobile Guardian is one of the most versatile and powerful mobile device management (MDM) platforms, designed specifically for educational purposes. This cloud-based platform, with its interactive, feature-rich dashboard makes managing an unlimited number of devices as easy as possible, regardless of the operating system.

iOS, Android, macOS and Chromebook
Edtech and mobile device management
Project length:
6+ years
Challenge & how we solved it

The school environment has changed dramatically over the last decade. An increasing number of schools are turning to Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology to help create a better environment for their students.

Mobile Guardian wanted a solution on many different OS platforms that could be used all over the world. JSGuru has been a crucial part of their software & product development for over six years.

The complexity of the project made us cover a large spectrum of technologies. Some that are worth mentioning are:

API written in PHP
native iOS and Android apps
Chrome OS extension built from scratch
AWS Cloud management & DevOps

The end product is a stable and interconnected platform that’s helping students all over the world to learn in a better and more effective way.

Client testimonial

“Customer satisfaction has improved, and competitors have complimented the product’s quality and effectiveness. A proactive and autonomous approach allows for maximum efficiency. They’ve integrated themselves into the team in a way that makes them feel more like a partner than an outsourced firm.”
Patrick Lawson
CEO, Mobile Guardian
Mobile device management company