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Email Signature

Turning email signature into a powerful marketing channel
  • Design & UX/UI
  • Development
  • Systems integration
  • Support & management

Mailtastic allows you to manage multiple email signatures from one central dashboard and extend them with marketing banners to transform daily email traffic into a powerful marketing channel.

Adtech & marketing
Technology used:
Angular and Angular Material UI
Project length:
2+ months
Challenge & how we solved it

Mailtastic helps its clients explore the full potential of an email signature. It is a tool that diversifies marketing efforts and allows teams to reach new potential customers.

The biggest challenge for the application was dealing with poor HTML and styling support of most major email clients.
The best styling practices used for Web are not applicable for the mail clients as they still use the old tables approach and inline styling. Moreover, support is different for each client. After many trials and errors, we succeed in having every signature look identical.

We have also added a dashboard that can give you information about email clicks, impressions and website CTR (click-through rate) to measure the success of each campaign.

Client testimonial

“The team implemented our requirements quickly and accurately. Also very good and not self-evident: The code is very well structured and documented. Despite the different locations, the cooperation also worked very well remotely. We will work with JSGuru again.”
Peer Wierzbitzki
Head of Product at Mailtastic