Serious work with
not so serious people

Developer survey 2020 for Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia

The research was conducted with over 2700 applicants. It aimed to find out which programming languages and tools developers use the most and how they organize their workday.
If you are a developer or plan to become one, we believe that the results are a useful reference point to see what the community is using and plan ahead.

We care about our company culture

“People over profit” is the leading principle of JSGuru. We are hard workers curious by nature and problem solvers able to understand both the technical and business challenges when creating digital products and experiences. But when it comes to the work atmosphere, we embrace employee wellbeing as our head priority. As we believe in the power of employee engagement, we have created an inclusive workplace that works for everyone.

Growth opportunities

Relaxed, fun atmosphere

Flexible hours, work from home

Ping-Pong and movies

No micromanagment

Healthy kitchen

Educational support

We are a family

JSGuru daily routine

Employee testimonials

What our employees say about us
  • “What I like the most is the opportunity to grow and the freedom I have to advance my career. Working on challenging international projects in a friendly and laid back environment is a dream come true. JSGuru is not just your employer, JSGuru is your partner.”

    Sasa Blagojevic

  • “It sounds like a cliche, but this place is my second family. Even though we are a medium-sized company, we are still a tight-knit community. Honest support is something you can expect if you work here, but not only that, you will have ample opportunities to visit international conferences and workshops and to gain knowledge through various challenging projects.”

    Branko Petrovic

  • “JSGuru is a safe haven for those who want to create, achieve and become part of a family that cares for one another. A stable and nurturing environment, suitable for beginners and experts. We are surrounded by people willing to, selflessly, offer a helping hand at any time. Coupled with exciting and challenging projects, it makes perfect ground for personal and professional growth. My time spent here was, and still is, a true pleasure in every regard.”

    Marko Arsenovic

  • “Life is like a roller coaster - full of ups and downs. Since I joined JSGuru family, I've been experiencing only ups. Wonderful work environment, phenomenal projects, and exceptional colleagues are the things that make a great company, and exactly that is what JSGuru is.”

    Gojko Galonja

  • “I’m part of the JSGuru team since 2018, here each day is filled with motivation and new challenges, this helped me progress both professionally and privately. Here all your work, desire to learn and progress will be highly appreciated. We are a great team where everyone is always willing to lend a hand or share advice making us grow and improve together. It is a pleasure to work in such a healthy environment!”

    Sandra Kozaragic

We look for following qualities
in all potential hires:

Customer-centric approach
Continuous learning / curiosity
Commitment to excellence
Adaptable / flexible
Down-to-earth attitude
Experimentation / resilence

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