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About us

Technology is yet to start changing lives; we believe the most disruptive period when whole industries and lives will completely change is just around the corner. JSGuru consists of people who want to be at the forefront of that transformation.

Our way of leading is to create digital experiences for VC-backed startups, innovative tech companies and corporations using agile development practices and undertaking every precaution to minimize the risk of failure along the way.

We are especially proud of the fact that we have ongoing client partnerships lasting for over 5 years. Such distinguishing collaborations best communicate the principles we operate under.

Those principles are:

  • we take responsibility and build around the goals, rather than tasks
  • flexibility and transparency within all project phases
  • making mistakes is acceptable, but not learning from them is not
  • we are not box builders, we create experiences and solutions
  • building a strong relationship with our clients and our people is the core of everything we do

Excellent price to quality ratio

High-quality code and industry best practices at an affordable price.

Trial period

Two week trial period with no strings attached.

Minimizing risk mindset

Working agile and delivering value often in small iterations.

AWS Certified Partner

Building stable and scalable applications with the best cloud practices on the biggest cloud provider in the world.

Business advisors

Engineers that understand the business side of things.

Long-term mindset

A win-win deal is the only deal. We prosper only when you do.

Hungry to gain and share knowledge

Focused on continuous learning and driving our developer community forward.

One of the fastest growing IT companies in the country

We were selected as the second-fastest growing IT company of 2019.

Client testimonials

What our clients say about us
  • "JSGuru performs consistently with high priority on customer service, as evidenced by flexibility and timeliness. Strategic use of management tools including JIRA and Kanban enhance long-term productivity.The team provides high value quality service and code for the price compared to other global markets."

    Chris Lee

  • "One of the group’s key differentiators is how self-managing they are. JSGuru can take ownership not only of the code, but also of time frame management."

    Patrick Lawson - CEO of Mobile Guardian

  • “It was our pleasure to work with JSGuru, a true example of a really great business partnership. Communication was spot on and they were capable to adapt very quickly to the situation while delivering value all the time.”

    Davide Migliacci - Chief Design Officer, MYSPOT

  • "JSGuru's level of interest, professionalism, and their ability to face challenges is just extraordinary. I'm pleased that we picked them for the project."

    Vladimir Simić - Founder, iWaaant

  • "The communication is excellent. JSGuru supports us in every way and they don't ask unnecessary questions. When something is needed, they complete it with deadlines in mind. We're really happy about that."

    Ivan Konjevod - Executive Consultant, T-Systems International GmbH

  • “JSGuru have been incredibly helpful with their knowledge, experience and flexibility when it comes to web and mobile development. They helped us fulfill a concern we had and we couldn’t be happier with them.They are a partner we trust and can fully rely on.”

    Peter Pohar - D. Labs

  • "JSGuru team is efficient and great at what they do, so far all the deadlines were met. Also, I like their flexibility and ability to perform at a high level constantly."

    Finance Plus Ltd

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