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HomeCraft has become one of Sweden’s most promising real estate management software solutions with a wide spectrum of functionalities.

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Work & Travel is an app that makes it possible for students in Europe to search and apply for summer jobs in the US.

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City Gecko is a piece of urban furniture that uses clean energy to power various devices we use every day.

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UX/UI Design AWS Development

100% of our teams are in-house

We are strongly committed to further promoting and strengthening our core values – integrity and quality. They serve as our guiding stars in all that we do, regardless if it is our relationship with a client or our employees. Therefore, outsourcing the work we have been trusted with to other agencies and freelancers is not an option for us, all of our teams are 100% in-house.

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Developers and teams dedicated only to your project

Working with us means you get a handpicked team devoted exclusively to building your idea. We avoid dedicating people to multiple projects simultaneously because this reduces quality, satisfaction and affects productivity in the long run.

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“They’ve almost never said no to our challenging requests.”

“JSGuru has finished the platform within two months. They have used a simple workflow with a dashboard that has made their work easily traceable. They have also shown flexibility in fulfilling challenging requests while still respecting their deadlines.”

Andrea Brighenti

Founder, LetInvite
Party Organizing Platform

“They have positive and professional energy and are highly supportive.”

“We are pleased not only with the processes but with the actual product. From the project perspective, JSGuru has met all deadlines and is near to launch the platform. The team follows an agile methodology to enhance the product. Overall, they professionally support all aspects of the project.”

Vesna Vasic

Co- Founder, MCAP
Online Marketplace & Fundraising Company

“They’re a very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful team.


“JSGuru successfully completed the alpha phase of the project on time and without any mistakes. They leverage their expertise to provide valuable suggestions and to guide the internal staff in the direction that best fits the business goals. Above all, the team prioritizes the success of the project.”

David Feldsott

Co-Founder, BoobFairy
Maternal & Child Healthcare Marketplace

“We truly found not the vendor but the partner for our future projects.”

“Thanks to JSGuru’s efforts, the app was delivered on time with a 30% increase in demand since launching. The team communicated seamlessly and devoted their time and resources to this project. They are professional and collaborative which secures an ongoing partnership.”

Nikola Maksimcuk

Head of Sales, Telemax LLC
Electrical Installations Company

“They’re able to share our vision and enthusiasm for the project.”

“The technical infrastructure behind the product has been well-received so far, driven by JSGuru’s ability to anticipate the needs of end users. Using Trello to communicate, the firm’s responsiveness, adherence to deadlines, and accuracy of price quotes have been satisfied.”

Alexander Gabrielsson

Co-Founder & CEO, Homecraft
Real Estate Transparency Platform

“We’re pleased with everything they’re offering to us.”

“Having completed the first three-month phase and soon to begin the second, the deliverables thus far meet the project’s requirements. The team communicates effectively and properly understands the scope, offering support as needed.”

Ivan Konjevod

Executive Consultant, T-Systems International GmbH
Information & Communications Technology Firm

“We built a good relationship and it would be difficult to proceed without them.”

“The agency performs consistently with high priority on customer service, as evidenced by flexibility and timeliness. Strategic use of management tools including JIRA and Kanban enhance long-term productivity. The team provides high value for cost compared to other global markets.”

Chris Lee

CEO, Cloud Age Solutions
Cloud Computing Company

“JSGuru can take ownership not only of the code, but also of time frame management.”

“Customer satisfaction has improved, and competitors have complimented the product’s quality and effectiveness. A proactive and autonomous approach allows for maximum efficiency. They’ve integrated themselves into the team in a way that makes them feel more like a partner than an outsourced firm.”

Patrick Lawson

CEO, Mobile Guardian
Mobile Device Management Company

“Work with JSGuru is a true example of a really great business partnership.”

“It was our pleasure to work with JSGuru, a true example of a really great business partnership. Communication was spot on and they were capable to adapt very quickly to the situation while delivering value at the same time.”

Davide Migliacci

Chief Design Officer, MYSPOT

“Incredibly helpful with their experience and flexibility.”

“JSGuru has been incredibly helpful with their knowledge, experience and flexibility when it comes to web and mobile development. They helped us fulfill a concern we had and we couldn’t be happier with them. They are a partner we trust and can fully rely on.”

Peter Pohar

Associate Partner at d.labs
Science and art of tech ventures

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects does JSGuru do?

We mainly build mobile and web applications for our clients. These two types of projects are the most common, but we are also experts in building desktop apps, web extensions and IoT software.

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started is to reach out to us through our contact form. Please be descriptive and precise as much as possible. Having all the info will give us the opportunity to properly prepare for our first meeting. Once your initial inputs are reviewed, our senior staff will reply with possible questions and time slot suggestions for the first meeting.

Do you work with other tech stacks besides JavaScript?

Yes, we also work with other technologies like Flutter, PHP, Java and Python.

Hourly basis or fixed price?

Both models are an option, which will be applied depends on client preferences and requirements. In case of staff augmentation, we typically go with an hourly rate. Fixed price is perhaps a better option when a project is built from scratch. However, when this is the case, it is paramount that we receive a detailed specification of the project and that all its aspects are covered.

How can I test the work done?

First of all, you can rest assured that the latest practices and standards will be applied when working on your project and we make sure you are regularly up to date with the progress of the project and quality of the work done. Depending on the project, this monitoring can be performed in different ways. For example, mobile apps have their test versions that can be downloaded only by the people that have access.

What happens when the project itself is complete?

When we bring the project to its completion stages, we have a set of procedures for project delivery, code ownership transition and general know-how transfer. This usually takes a week or two to complete. Sometimes it can take longer, depending on the complexity…

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