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Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian is one of the most versatile and powerful mobile device management (MDM) platforms, designed specifically for educational purposes. This cloud-based platform, with its interactive, feature-rich dashboard makes managing an unlimited number of devices as easy as possible, regardless of the operating system.

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"JSGuru has been efficient and proactive. One of the group's key differentiators is how self-managing they are. They can take ownership not only of the code, but also of the time frame."

Patrick Lawson - CEO of Mobile Guardian


MYSPOT is a smart working platform that allows freelancers, Small and Medium Enterprises and corporate employees to identify, book and access the best place for any kind of work activity.

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Davide Migliacci - Chief Design Officer, MYSPOT

β€œIt was our pleasure to work with JSGuru, a true example of a really great business partnership. Communication was spot on and they were capable to adapt very quickly to the situation while delivering value all the time.”

Davide Migliacci - Chief Design Officer, MYSPOT

Eusi CMS

Eusi is a headless content management system that separates content creation from content delivery. With Eusi you have one dashboard to create, manage and publish content across multiple platforms which makes it a perfect digital omnichannel tool.

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