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HomeCraft is an easy to use, quality verifying communications tool designated for all kinds of housings. This platform helps landlords to have an easy track on what’s going on in their buildings and helps the tenants to communicate faulty objects with a full-scale report within just a few clicks.

Browser application
Real Estate

Technology Used:
MERN stack
Project Length:
8+ months
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Housing management can be a rather complex occupation, especially for the landlords of multiple properties. Our client wanted to make it easy for them to track the status of their estate and to establish a simple way of sharing information with their tenants. After an intense period of developing the project from scratch, our team of 5 professionals helped our client to create a minimum viable product with a basic set of features to make our solution unique and adaptable.

How We Solved It

HomeCraft is made as a simple platform and easy to use, from which you can design and draw your apartments in just a few clicks, render it in 2D/3D straight from the browser, and share it with the tenants. All the inserted objects have the possibility to house data: all routines in service and maintenance are being recorded and stored for future use.

Client testimonials

  • "The technical infrastructure behind the product has been well-received so far, driven by JSGuru’s ability to anticipate the needs of end users. Using Trello to communicate, the firm’s responsiveness, adherence to deadlines, and accuracy of price quotes have satisfied our expectations."

    Alexander Gabrielsson - Co-Founder & CEO, Homecraft