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MYSPOT is a smart working platform that allows freelancers, Small and Medium Enterprises and corporate employees to identify, book and access the best place for any kind of work activity.

iOS and Android
Real Estate
Technology Used:
React Native
Project Length:
6+ months
Mobile Guardian
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MYSPOT is all about living new experiences through the interaction between people and places. The Italian client was looking for a partner that could help them build an intuitive app with React Native that will simplify the experience of booking meeting rooms, desks and services. They found JSGuru…

How We Solved It

We got beautiful designs from the Italian team and our task was to build the frontend of the app. React Native was chosen because they wanted to release it as soon as possible to their existing customers. This way we could build it for both platforms at the same time and save this valuable resource. Everything is done through Test-driven development and tracked with Trello. Features were added while we together figured out the best possible user flow for many different scenarios. The end product is a clean and intuitive app that’s enabling interaction between people and places that improve the working experience.

Client Testimonial

  • “It was our pleasure to work with JSGuru, a true example of a really great business partnership. Communication was spot on and they were capable to adapt very quickly to the situation while delivering value all the time."

    Davide Migliacci - Chief Design Officer, MYSPOT

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MYSPOT has been nominated by Gartner as 2018 Cool Vendor in Employee
Engagement and Enablement in the Digital Workplace.