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City Gecko

Conceptualized as part of smart city solutions, City Gecko is the urban furniture that uses clean energy to power various devices we use every day. Smart benches have promptly programmed sensors that record and send data on the web and mobile app where they are graphically displayed. Besides the installed features, they have a unique modular design that easily fits in diverse urban environments, becoming solar, wooden smart bench and charger for electrical scooters.

Web, iOS, Android
IoT, Smart Benches
Technology Used:
React, React Native, AWS IoT, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda
Project Length:
6 months
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Why JSGuru?

According to our client, who has been working in the business of electrical installations for nearly two decades, they opted to work with us because of our professional and friendly approach. We were eager to go one step further, give additional explanations, and clarify the technologies and processes that would follow in the project realization.


The main goal of this project was to give smart benches an additional value that could benefit society and its future clients. The general idea was to create a solution run by clean solar energy to give the necessary electricity and internet connection for devices (phones, tablets, etc.) so our client came up with smart benches. The project aspires to be a part of the fast-growing smart city agenda so the client made a solution that is easy to install and maintain.

As an IoT product, smart benches are consisted of many different components, putting the complexity of the solution on a high level. Composing all these components and making them communicate flawlessly with software (web & mobile apps) was the main challenge of this project.

How we solved it

On the whole, our solution solves the needs of smart device users for electrical energy and internet access while providing information about the surrounding. We made sure that the sensors are promptly programmed to record and send data on the web and mobile app where they are graphically displayed. The implementation of sensors and apps gives a better understanding of the users to the admin by collecting data in real-time. We helped our client to map and pick the sensors that could perform well these functions without interruptions.

The first component was the bench itself containing a number of different sensors, WIFI module, GPS module etc. All these mini components send the data to the industrial computer which is connected to the AWS cloud for data to be collected and analysed. AWS cloud part was the most challenging and most straightforward as AWS offers a big variety of services to support IoT types of projects. After processing to the backend, seamless data was then served to the client applications, in our case Mobile App and Web Dashboard Client.

The main feature of this solution is modularity. The modular adaptability can be combined to create new functional shapes that will occupy the public space and attention from passers-by. All modules are uniquely designed and constructed so that by combining, installing multiple modules, we get new and functional forms, which is the difference from other manufacturers. The shown smart benches are modules Solar, Wood, and Wheel. The last module can be implemented as a Wheel Plant or Wheel Recycle depending on what is on the equipment part – a pot or recycling bin.

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Client Testimonial

  • We collaborated previously with JSGuru and this time again we knew they'd give us exactly what we needed. At JSGuru they always looked at us not as a client but as a partner.

    Nikola Maksimčuk - Co-Founder of City Gecko