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Mobile Guardian

Opportunity To Educate In a Better Way

Mobile Guardian is one of the most versatile and powerful mobile device management (MDM) platforms, designed specifically for educational purposes. This cloud-based platform, with its interactive, feature-rich dashboard makes managing an unlimited number of devices as easy as possible, regardless of operating system.

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We helped them build smartphone and desktop applications, a Chrome extension while cutting costs and providing stability.

Top Publications

With a global partner network, Mobile Guardian is the MDM platform of choice for schools in North America, United Kingdom, and EMEA regions. Featured in the New York Times, Tech Crunch, Time, The Wall Street Journal and alike.

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Teaching For a New Era

The school environment has changed dramatically over the last decade. Most devices are becoming more prolific, with children receiving their first one at an increasingly young age - 10 years, on average. As a result, an increasing number of schools are turning to Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology to help create a safe and positive environment for their students to use mobile devices. With deep insight into these challenges, Mobile Guardian has been simplifying MDM for schools since 2011 and JSGuru has been a crucial part of their development for over three years.


The Solution And The Way To Success


It enables schools to manage and monitor all education-related devices.


It empowers teachers to take full control of the digital classroom. From banning social media apps to locking devices during tests and exams, no distractions allowed.


Last, but not the least, it allows parents to limit screen time, block YouTube, locate their child's device at any given time, and plenty more.

From One-Man Show to Unleashing Teamwork Power

Developing and integrating for different platforms and tying it all together is never an easy task. Mobile Guardian needed someone that could be their right hand on this journey, which is exacatly what JSGuru became over time. In the beginning, only one person was working on the Front-End, but we quickly gained their trust and expanded the team.


While working on their front end, we implemented a number of new features, and rewrote the entire existing front-end (in just 2 months, by the way).
This endeavor helped us earn their trust and establish a great relationship. While the project was growing, there was a need to engage more workforce. By becoming confident in our abilities and satisfied with our service, they asked us if we could help them out with their back-end code as well. Soon after that, we took over their iOS and Android app development too.


Deciding to transfer the majority of the software development to JSGuru was the right thing to do, since it is both cost-effective and increased the quality of the product. Having them trust us with this shows that we not only met their initial expectations, but also exceeded them. The complexity of the project made us cover a large spectrum of technologies: for the dashboard we used Angular, API was done with PHP, iOS and Android apps were done natively, and we even built a Chrome OS extension. When it comes to projects that have this many devices to be covered, quality is the key and we are highly focused on providing Quality Assurance testing (QA) with every step of the way.

Feedback Summary

"Customer satisfaction has improved, and the competitors have complimented the product's quality and effectiveness. A proactive and autonomous approach allows for maximum efficiency. They've integrated themselves into the team in a way that makes them feel more like a partner than an outsourced firm."

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Collaboration Tools

In the early stages of our relationship, we were testing out different collaboration tools to see what works best in order to optimize communication and project management as much as possible. We all agreed that we are going agile (don't all do that?) so JIRA was undoubtedly our tool of choice for project management, as well as Bamboo for CI. Shortly after, the Slack hype started. We immediately fell in love and incorporated it in our daily work.

Jira Slack

One of the greatest things on the PM side was that we kept using JIRA and Slack (which we still are) so we have an entire log of what happened over time at our disposal. This gives us an enormous advantage to recall old code and do the refactoring.

Crucial things on this (and every other) project are quality, prompt communication, and transparency. Everything can get arranged through proper communication and we shouldn't hide any errors from each other.
Failures can happen, but we make sure not to repeat ours more than once.

Client Testimonial

Patrick Lawson

CEO of Mobile Guardian

"JSGuru has been efficient and proactive. One of the group's key differentiators is how self-managing they are. They can take ownership not only of the code, but also of the time frame."

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